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Are you thinking of doing an internship at a startup tech company? While you may not get a big company name on your resume, there are many advantages to doing an internship at a startup, ranging from having the opportunity to work alongside the founders to having more autonomy. This past summer, Klio Health hired interns in several areas, including business development, marketing, design, and software testing. What did our interns take away from the experience? I sat down with a few of my coworkers and here’s what we decided were the top five reasons to intern at Klio.

1. Gain exposure to all aspects of the business

At a larger company, it may be more difficult to get exposure to other departments. “At Klio Health, interns can learn as much as they’d like. Since Klio is a small company, I had exposure to all aspects of the company operations - from software development to marketing campaigns,” said Erin Hawley, a senior at Boston College (Biology) who did her internship in business development and marketing.

2. Make an impact

Klio Health interns are typically given larger responsibilities than they would have in a larger organization and their work is often factored into executive-level decisions. As a junior at Boston University studying economics and mathematics, it was very rewarding to see my work directly impacting the strategic direction of the company. During my internship, I worked on a series of marketing campaigns to test different methods of outreach to Klio’s target audience. Those results ultimately helped Klio’s founders and investors make budget allocation decisions

3. Learn about a new industry

Healthcare technology is a rapidly-growing industry with many career opportunities in companies large and small. My fellow interns and I were able to benefit from intense, hands-on exposure to what was for us, an entirely new field. “My background was not in healthcare technology, but it was really amazing to learn about a new industry and take away the transferrable skills that you build when working for a startup, ” said Rebecca Liebman, a senior at Clark University studying environmental science.

4. Work in a fun, close-knit environment

There’s no dress code or strict office protocol where we work. Though everyone at Klio works diligently towards a common goal, we value open communication, flexibility, and creativity. “Some of the benefits of working at Klio Health are working closely with a team of supportive and productive workers,” said Gianni Moskofides, a senior studying advertising at the University of Miami. “The founders of the company are extremely willing to help out with any problems while also taking time to connect with the team outside of work. The relationships formed with coworkers made the interning experience not feel like ‘doing work.’”

5. Get a full-time offer

If we like the work you do, you'll have opportunities to continue beyond your internship period. Most of our summer interns have continued at Klio Health in one way or another, even during the school year. Zahra Barzin, a 2014 Massachusetts College of Arts graduate, was offered a full-time product design position at the end of her internship. “If you want to play an important role as a designer from the very beginning, a startup company is the way to go - plus you might just get yourself a full-time job out of it!”

Check out our current job postings. If you don’t see an open position that fits your skills or interests, we encourage you to contact us anyways to tell us what you can do! Reach out to us at hello[at]kliohealth[dot]com.