New Office

I hope you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. While we're all enjoying our leftovers and some down time with family and friends this weekend, I wanted to reflect on what my team and I at Klio Health are thankful for. Here are the top 6:

1. Feedback from our pilot users and partners. We continue to be amazed by the quality of the input from our users and partners. Your positive comments boost our confidence and validate our work, but it's the constructive suggestions that really help us make a better product. Keep the comments coming!

2. Our tenure as MassChallenge Alumni-in-Residence. We were very sad to move out of the MassChallenge office space last week, but are so grateful to the wonderful time we had there and for all the fantastic people we met as part of the MassChallenge community. 

3. A smooth transition to our new office location at the Harvard iLab. It was raining when we moved last week, but thanks to efficient team work and not-as-bad-as-predicted weather, we moved into our new digs with nary a hitch. See our smiling faces in the photo above.

4. Great people to work with. I think we often take our team members for granted, so here's a shout out to all the smart, creative, and hardworking people who make up the Klio Health team. Thank you for striving to make the company better every day.

5. Those days when the Boston MBTA cooperates. At our new office, we will no longer contend with the Red Line to Silver Line shuffle in our commutes, but we much appreciate (with nostalgia) those times when we disembarked the Red Line at South Station to find the SL2 waiting for us. Hooray for good transit connections!

6. Supportive friends & family. We're ever thankful to all our wonderful friends and family who lend us support through the ups and downs and hard work of running a young company. We couldn't do this without you!