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Welcome to Klio Health! Many of you might know us through the work we did at Ubiqi Health and are probably wondering why we decided to rebrand the company.

Ubiqi Health started as a graduate school project to test the utility of consumer-facing mobile applications in helping people better self-manage their chronic conditions. Through iterations of our pain and migraine tracking applications, we saw that we were indeed serving a need, but as we delved into the data and spoke with our users, we learned that there was much more to be done and a larger opportunity beyond standalone tracking apps. Here are the top three lessons that we learned:

1. Digital health tools have limited use without provider involvement.

Consumers are undeniably strong drivers of adoption of new digital health tools, but we saw that those who benefited the most from self-tracking were those who shared their information with their care providers. The challenge is to ensure that information is presented to providers in useful, actionable ways.


2. One size does not fit all.

As we interviewed and surveyed clinicians who were using our applications with their patients, we saw that they each wanted to capture something different or preferred to view data in a particular way. We realized that we needed to be flexible to suit the varying needs of our provider users.


3. Focus drives traction, but it does not scale.

We had strong following from the migraine and pain communities, but we struggled with the question of what it would take to adapt our platform for different conditions. While there were merits in having an early focus as we tested our model, we learned that our product had to be designed in a way that supported multiple conditions from the start.

After careful consideration, we incorporated these learnings into the new product we are set to launch this fall. The new Klio Health product drives evidence-based management of chronic conditions through the standardized collection of patient generated health data. By empowering healthcare providers and their patients through an easy, standardized system for collecting information about patient symptoms and therapies between visits, we help them collaboratively make informed decisions about treatment plans.

Our new direction was enough of a departure from what we were doing at Ubiqi to warrant a re-launch of the brand and product, and from this this point forward, we will continue our journey as Klio Health. We are glad to have you along with us as we move forward on our mission to foster sharing and partnership between individuals and their care providers.

Stay tuned for more news!