Patient photo

As a counterpoint to our recent interview with Dr. Joshua Cohen, we wanted to share some feedback from some of our patient users on what they think about the Klio Health system. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Danielle: I track my symptoms, pain, and treatments. I do really like the app  - it is easier to put in data than doing [it] by hand.

Julia: I had no problem accessing the app.... I like the interface... it's really clean and streamlined.

Michelle: Your app has helped me in several ways, but most significantly, it has helped me make targeted lifestyle changes and be able to quantify my response to those changes. Every time I change medication or diet, I can measure my response to those changes... I also think the reports it creates are fantastic.

In terms of suggestions that we have received from our users, we’ve been asked to make the reports easier to access and also enable patients to add further detail about the number of medication doses taken. We’re very grateful to early users and their healthcare providers for giving us feedback that helps us improve our product!