Startup5 reasons to choose to learn from a startup company like Klio Health:

1. You’ll have more responsibility

Interning at a startup like Klio Health gives you a lot of responsibility. You work with a smaller team, and the work you do makes a greater difference within the company. Your daily tasks result in work the company relies on; a truly empowering experience to have as an intern. At Klio Health, I could see the direct results of my work. I was pushed to come up with my own ideas, and was allowed to bring them to life. At a larger company, I would never have had the chance to learn important lessons about that type of responsibility; lessons I will definitely pull from in the future.

2. The atmosphere is awesome

One of the best parts of working for a startup is the casual yet highly motivating atmosphere. Startups are hotbeds for innovation, and the energy that surrounds this entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. I highly recommend catching this bug; you’ll gain a drive and excitement you can’t learn anywhere else. Whether it’s working with a close-knit team to find an innovative solution to a problem, or being able to wear jeans to the office, a startup internship is a priceless experience.

3. You’ll learn the value of hard work and teamwork

Working at a startup is a team effort, and just like a sports team, you win and lose together. As an intern at Klio Health, I learned the value of working hard to support my co-workers and found that being able to work in a team environment is an invaluable and highly transferable skill. As you see the results of your team’s efforts, you’ll realize how far hard work can really go. Accomplishing tasks as a close-knit team was a very rewarding part of my time as a Klio Health intern.

4. You’ll get to work with and learn from true innovators

At Klio Health I was able to work directly with our co-founders. It is a perk of the startup world that should not be taken for granted. A startup internship allows you to work with people who are innovating at the forefront of their field; you will never meet more dedicated, driven and creative leaders. Having the chance to work across the table from these innovators is something that would never happen in a corporate internship.

5. You’ll have more opportunities and experiences

A day in the life of a startup intern is never a cookie-cutter affair. Things change quickly in the startup world. Learning to be versatile and adaptive is a must, as you are thrown into new and unexpected roles and experiences. This invigorating opportunity to branch out into many areas of the company allows you to learn things you never thought you would. As an intern at Klio Health, this environment taught me skills beyond my initial job description; I’d call that a win.

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